Eastbourne schoolboys set up their own business during lockdown

Two Eastbourne brothers have set up their own company during lockdown, writes India Wentworth.

Jack, 15, and Harry, 12, decided to put their spare time to good use by setting up Animate Our Logo, an online logo business that launched last Friday (September 25).

Covid-19 meant the brothers were both off school so had more time on their hands. They were inspired by the biographies of business figures such as Steve Jobs and Duncan Bannatyne.

David Knight, the boys’ father, said the home-schooling period through lockdown had triggered the boys to have the idea for animated logos.

“They thrived in the environment of working from home,” said David. 

He said they gained a ‘hunger’ for reading about business figures, and got more and more interested in the subject throughout lockdown.

David said, “They are passionate about YouTube and could see that animations stand out, so they rolled with it from there.”

The boys now have business lessons integrated into their daily routine of learning from home, with their mum Elizabeth taking the reins Monday to Thursday, and David in charge on Fridays.

Jack is currently taking an online social media marketing course too, and set to sit his GCSEs next summer.

Through creating the logo business, the boys are said to have learnt lots of transferable skills that will be great for their futures.

Animate Our Logo is now live and serves to create an animated logo for businesses both locally and internationally within a 72-hour turnaround period.

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